Julie Spako

All of Julie Spako's ceramics are made in her home studio in Austin, Texas.  She works with high fire porcelain and stoneware that is fired to 2350F.  Each piece is a hand drawn original.  All of the glazes are food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.  

Julie's grandmother’s Blue Willow collection has been a big influence on her ceramics. She loved how a story could be conveyed on something you every day for a very practical purpose. It was the beginning of how important beautiful objects for everyday use would become to Julie, both as an artist and as a collector..

Fascinated by textiles, especially embroidery patterns. Julie strives to incorporate the same level of detail and complexity of design as those beautiful works of art.

Julie prefers hand building her ceramics because the options for slight variations in form allows her to spend more time on the surface pattern. This helps keeps the overall structure of the pieces fairly simple in comparison to the design.  The juxtaposition of simplicity of form with the complexity of the hand-drawn, hand-painted glaze work is one of the aspects of Julie's work that makes it so special.