Tilo Scarves

Tilo is a modern collection of scarves crafted from luxurious cashmere, silk and fine wool. The emphasis is on natural fibres, interesting textures and a modern colour palette. Tilo is the brainchild of Sandy Lum who combined her business and fine arts education with fashion industry experience as a sales executive with TSE Cashmere in Europe and Canada. Scarves were a travel and wardrobe essential during her world travels and inspired the creation of a collection of beautiful scarves that would go anywhere as an affordable luxury to be enjoyed and coveted. Sandy's experience in cashmere and textiles is evident in the luxurious and natural fibres chosen for Tilo and the emphasis on hand feel, drape and fold around the neck and shoulders of its wearer. Fabrics are often hand woven on looms over 100 years old which create fine and unique textures. Color complement textures and echo current trends. Color dye washes create a subtle and muted effect or colour may be bold and graphic in modern prints.